i look forward to connecting + offering guidance on your ayurvedic path. it's time to discover inner harmony through nature + daily rituals.   

"let the trees be your breath. let the grassy fields embrace you. let the mountains and the seas remind you. let the dawn sky flood in and allow the clouds to guide you. and when the living world has merged with you, may you finally know yourself truly alive, reborn into wholeness. natural, sacred and wild."


my journey

mama, seeker, teacher, nurtured by nature. i have been inspired by nature since my earliest memories. a deep connection to the natural world, its plants and animals, has been intertwined in my life's journey. from playing outdoors everyday as a child to earning a bachelor of science degree, studying environmental biology. to becoming a certified veterinary technician, working with all types of animals, and helping injured wildlife become well again and return to the wild.


just before becoming a mama, i started to practice yoga. and so my inquiry into true wellness began. i started to integrate the teachings from my yoga practice into my journey through motherhood. there was a beckoning call to keep seeking. to continue to connect to my truest-self so i may offer such wisdom to my children, community and beyond.


answering the call to seek and study far after my college-degree days, has gifted me the honor to become a certified yoga teacher, a certified clinical aromatherapist and a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guide. 


i am deeply passionate about and connected to all aspects of nature. i look to nature as a guide to my life’s journey and am truly grateful for all she continues to teach me. i am looking forward to serving others, sharing ayurveda and the journey these daily rituals invite us to explore