ayurveda...rooted in ancient wisdom; brought to life by one's spirit. 

earth bird ayurveda was created from a deep desire to share this ancient and potent wisdom. to share the ways these teachings and daily practices have been a gift to my wellbeing. so they may be shared + carried on and become a gift to all.


ayurveda translates to the "study of life". it was founded on the knowing that everything is connected to everything. that human beings are a microcosm within a macrocosm. the knowing that when a human is brought back into balance, humanity is also brought back into balance. 


an ayurvedic lifestyle invokes a reawakening + rewilding. it's an invitation to reconnect to our subtle awareness and our innate resonance with nature and her cycles. this wisdom teaches us ways to explore and experience the five elements of nature; through daily rituals and practices. ayurveda is our guide which brings us into alignment with Mother Nature and to ourselves. 

it would be a true honor to be your guide on this path. a path where you discover harmonious wellbeing + elemental brilliance.